Universal translator "ImTranslator"

Dear friends!

Here you can find extended information for NEIRO-N.com portal users located in different countries,

to help facilitate contacts between partners speaking different languages.


       We have translated the main current portal functionality for you into five different languages. However, due to the fact that there are no professional translators among us, perhaps you, as native speakers, will notice in some places not very correct translation, in terms of spelling, grammar, possible inaccuracies in the semantic transmission of information, or outdated turns of speech. Please write to us about corrections in the support chat. We will gratefully accept your clarifications and, if necessary, correct the texts. The main language of communication during contacts is English, but we can try to communicate in other languages.

       We understand that more support languages ​​are needed, in addition, the portal's functionality is constantly expanding, new services are being created, and perhaps gaps in the completeness of translations may appear, especially minor coding fixes. How can you find the optimal solution for viewing sites in your own language for each of you? As an optimal solution to this important task, we recommend installing the "ImTranslator" extension on your favorite browser from https://about.imtranslator.net After setting it up, you can translate any website pages or blocks of text in a couple of seconds. We like ImTranslator, we use it ourselves, and therefore recommend it to our friends. The extension works on all common browsers Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Yandex.

       If you use rare browsers, or if for some reason you have difficulties with ImTranslator - we can recommend installing the Brave browser for all occasions from here https://brave.com It's safe, fast, with ad protection, and even built-in crypto wallets, a free web browser for different devices. We also like it, and we use it. Brave with ImTranslator works very correctly and quickly. If anyone likes standalone or portable versions of products, here is the link to "Brave-portable" - https://portapps.io/app/brave-portable


Next, we will show the main stages of installing and configuring the ImTranslator translator using the example of the Chrome browser, or rather the Chromium engine of the Brave browser:

1. Go to the Brave browser extensions management page - brave: // extensions /

2. Next, click on the link below "You can find extensions and themes in the online store" and go to the chrome online store - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions

3. Next, type in the search "ImTranslator " - find it, install and configure. Or immediately a link - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/imtranslator-translator-d/noaijdpnepcgjemiklgfkcfbkokogabh

4. Then just turn on the translation of pages by right-clicking on the page - and from the menu select "Translate page to ...."

5. Next, you will see a thin strip of page translator at the top of the page. Set the desired language in "Translate page to…." - and use the translation into your native language.

(!) Note: if you are sharing or duplicating windows (tabs), you will have to enable page translation on each of them. If you work in one window, translations are supported automatically until you disable them.